Road Map Development

Needs Assessments

This is about putting data to work for your organization.  We’ll work with existing metrics or help your team develop new criteria for measuring organizational success.  Then we help you to apply any number of strategies to meet or exceed your stated goals.

Methodology Assessments

FreshPath Consulting, Inc. can assess your existing methodology or determine your organizations readiness to take on Scrum. Change in this area is hard and requires that an organization be ready to embrace it. We’ll help you with some of the mechanics as well as the leadership skills necessary to make this worthwhile step forward.

Resourcing Strategies

Every organization is different.  Your company’s age, industry, structure, and history make it unique.  With today’s ever-shifting markets, technology teams need to be agile and responsive.  FreshPath Consulting can help you develop the right resourcing strategies to meet the challenge.

Stakeholder Assessments

The truth is, organizations expect a lot from their technology groups.  A lot of money is invested and so there is an expectation that there be a commensurate return.  Finding the right methods, metrics, and frequency for communicating ROI is critical to your stakeholders and your employees.

Process Recommendations

Across all these dimensions and more, FreshPath Consulting is committed to helping its customers succeed.  We offer a “palette” of choices and benefits. We try to make it easy for you to lay out the right road map for a successful future.